Why Paid Webhosting Is The Answer

-Cons of Free Webhosting

As you need to pay for your apartment, you need to buy webhosting service where your website can “live” in the virtual world. When your customer clicks on your website, your web hosting company will link your customer to your website.

If you don’t want to open your wallet for your website anymore, several webhosting companies offer free web hosting! WordPress.com is one of them. BUT there are more benefits in paid webhosting(In other word, cons of free webhosting). Check it lists below.

  1. Absolutely, it has lots of restriction in ability.
  2. You will be had company’s name in your domain address. This may lower your credibility as a business.
  3. It will have a lot of advertisements. It may make your customers being concerned about whether purchase your product or not.
  4. Slow speed problem. It shares with other websites which also use free web hosting service.

We all know that one of the main factors to build credibility in business is to show that we spare no expense in our business. Besides that, nowadays everything on the online world is so much affordable than 10 years ago.

In sum, you have to pay for your business, on the other hand, you can pay less than you think. Let’s show them our professionalism!