011Veronica Trevisan believes that to be an entrepreneur is to have the vision to see a business opportunity behind any good idea.

Practicing her business acumen, she founded Ñapegados to help other Spanish speaking small business owners to thrive in their own businesses.

She has a unique method: She explains in Spanish how to apply technology and marketing strategies for a better management of their businesses, however, the platforms used are set up in English. With this way of working she proves that the period of learning is shortened and the adaptability to the English business market is faster. A method that she applied every day working with English speaking business owners.

Veronica is a Columnist at El Mundo Newspaper and has participated at the radio show Vanguardia Hispana. Radio Mujer Internacional- Austin 95.1

Finally, Veronica has been recognized by the Economic Growth Business Incubator (EGBI) ’s as the 2015 Volunteer of the Year. This organization provides emerging and existing businesses owners tools to establish and grow their business through education, business plan assistance, and consulting. Ms Trevisan, who is an EGBI graduate client, assists the organization when additional staffing is needed at events and expos and has worked on projects to translate curriculum and communications into Spanish.

Dedicated to service, Veronica collaborates with the organization Family Eldercare as a volunteer payee representative since 2010.